Handy trick for homes with multiple users

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Handy trick for homes with multiple users

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Until the Hub version of AirCompare is available, there should only be one AirCompare user in a home with the ability to control HomeKit accessories. Multiple controllers, if not set exactly the same, could cause the accessories to ping-pong as the dueling controllers keep changing their settings.

But it's handy for other users in the home to be able to read data from those accessories, to keep an eye on things. Here's how to accomplish this without "over"-controlling your accessories.

Find the relevant accessory in AirCompare's settings. Scroll down to the final picker (after Home ==> Accessory ==> Services). This is where you choose the Characteristic to control. Look for a characteristic labelled as "Read-only". For instance for a thermostat you would normally choose "Target Temperature" to control the thermostat's set point. If you instead choose "Current Temperature - Read only", AirCompare will attempt to control the thermostat using that parameter. Of course it will fail. A red indicator dot will appear on the Main screen to indicate the failure.

Other than the red dot, AirCompare will behave normally to collect data and display desired settings. But it will not actually change the controls for your accessory.
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