Crash at startup

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Crash at startup

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Doo doo happens. Every once in a while, AirCompare will crash. This can happen for a number of reasons including invalid weather data being received from the supported sources.

When AirCompare crashes, here are some tips to get going again.

1. Force quit the app. Double-tap the Home button on your phone and swipe away the AirCompare app if it is still there.
2. Restart AirCompare and see if it recovers.
3. If not, force-quit the app again if necessary
4. Re-install AirCompare from the App Store. You will not be charged and your local settings file will not be lost in this process.
5. If this fails to fix the crash-at-startup, your local settings file may have become corrupted.
6. Force quit AirCompare and remove it from your iPhone. Your local preference settings file will be lost but will be replaced by a backup stored on iCloud. All your setting preferences should be available again once the iCloud settings are retrieved.
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