Black Friday is Upon Us: Is Your Shop Stocked and Ready to Go?

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Black Friday is Upon Us: Is Your Shop Stocked and Ready to Go?

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Whether consumers are shopping for themselves, loved ones, or their pets, gift-giving makes everyone feel better, and since we’ve all been searching for a silver lining, retail therapy is a surefire way to cure what ails us. And with more idle time spent at home, and online, the official holiday season will kick-off before you can say eco friendly shopping bags or Treat. In fact, consumers are no longer waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals — they're tracking prices and availability on most-wanted items and clicking the Checkout button as soon as they find the best price. Which brings up a critical point, the majority of consumers will check items off their holiday wish-list online and that means they'll be less forgiving if you’re out of stock of a particular item.

What's more, customers are abandoning brand loyalty to find the best deals, trying to avoid shipping fees by ordering online and picking up in-store, and using social media to shop and discover products and services. In short, e-commerce is king and if you're not stocked up and ready to sell, you might be in lunch cooler bag
come November.

So, what are you waiting for?
You need a plan to tackle the holiday rush and we’re here to help. From the risk of low- cheap tote bags to slow shipments, labor shortages, and rising prices on pre-owned designer handbags and accessories, you need to set up your shop for success.

ALWAYS MONITOR INVENTORY: Keep on top of inventory and optimize levels among stores and travel bags centers based on real-time data. Ensure that inventory has met expected demand and that it is in place by the time customers want to shop. Create early sales and promotions to encourage their shopping behavior and get them to shop early!

INCREASE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Shoppers want a seamless checkout process and that includes a single cheap bicycle bags page, a guest checkout option, mobile-friendly checkout, PayPal integration, and the option of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) as a way to seal the deal. Otherwise, you're left with abandoned carts and lots of questions. EMBRACE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMERCE: Believe it or not, social media commerce WORKS! From targeted ads on Instagram, to influencers pitching products on Facebook Live, and the shop option, consumers are paying attention and shopping directly from your social media pages.
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Re: Black Friday is Upon Us: Is Your Shop Stocked and Ready to Go?

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