What is Parlay Betting? How to Calculate Parlay Odds in Football Betting

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What is Parlay Betting? How to Calculate Parlay Odds in Football Betting

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Parlay betting is one of the most frequently mentioned terms in football betting. So, what does parlay betting mean? How do you calculate parlay odds in football betting? To get the most accurate answers, you can find out in the following article of Bookmaker wintips .

I. What is Parlay Betting? Parlay betting, also known as a mix parlay, is a type of combined bet that includes multiple wagers on different outcomes in a single bet. These outcomes can include Asian handicap bets, over/under bets, 1X2 bets, and more. For this type of bet, the payout odds are calculated based on the multiplying factor of the number of wagers placed by the bettor. Therefore, if you win, you have the chance to receive a substantial payout. This is also the reason why parlay betting attracts many participants.

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II. Understanding the Rules of Parlay Betting in Football The rules of parlay betting are straightforward. You can place multiple wagers on different matches at the same time. However, experts advise that it is best to limit your wagers to 2-3 matches. Placing too many wagers can lead to confusion and distract your focus, resulting in inaccurate bets. When playing parlay bets, your task is to select the corresponding odds for each match and compare them with the odds provided by the bookmaker to assess the difference. Once you have selected the desired odds, you simply need to enter the amount you want to bet and wait for the system to confirm it. The calculation of the detailed payout is based on the percentage of the winning amount that the bettor will receive. If you win the bet, you can enter the amount you want to withdraw.

III. How to Calculate Parlay Bets? For experienced bettors, calculating parlay bets is not a difficult task. However, for newcomers, it may still be confusing. Below, we will provide a detailed guide on how to calculate parlay bets for different types of wagers:

Calculating parlay bets with Asian handicap and over/under bets: For Asian handicap and over/under bets, you can calculate the parlay bet using the following formula: Parlay odds=Winning odds x [(Odds - 1)/2] x ½ (if the bet is a half win) x 1 (if the bet is a draw) x ... X Odds n.

To calculate the winnings from the parlay bet, you multiply the odds: 1.80 x 1.50 x 1.80=4.86. If all three teams win, your winnings will be 4.86 x 300=1,458 USD. However, if any of the three teams lose the respective wager, you will lose the entire amount of your bet.
Conclusion In this article, we have explained the meaning of parlay betting and provided a detailed explanation of how to calculate parlay bets. We hope this information is useful in helping you understand this type of betting. Parlay betting is still a popular form of gambling in football due to its potential for significant profits, so don't hesitate to participate if you feel confident. Good luck!

Real Madrid (1X2 odds 1.50)

Manchester United (1X2 odds 1.80)

For example, if you place a parlay bet with 3 wagers, each with a stake of 300 USD:
Chelsea (1X2 odds 1.80)
From these wagers, we see that Manchester United won half, Arsenal lost half, and Liverpool won all. Applying the above formula, we have: [1 + (2.05-1)/2 x ½ x 2.10]=0.55125. Therefore, your profit will be 165.375 USD.
How to calculate parlay bets with 1X2 Calculating parlay bets with 1X2 (also known as the moneyline) is much simpler. You just need to apply the following formula: Parlay odds=Bet 1 odds x Bet 2 odds x Bet 3 odds x ... X Bet n odds
Where: Winning odds: Represents the profit you receive through the multiplying factor. If the bet is a draw: Multiply the profit by 1. If any of the wagers in the parlay bet is a half win: [(Odds - 1)/2] + 1. If any of the wagers in the parlay bet is a half loss: Divide the multiplying factor by 2.
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For example, if you place a parlay bet with 3 wagers, each with a stake of 300 USD:
Manchester United (Asian handicap +2 ¾) with odds of 2.05, and the final score is 3-1.
Arsenal (Asian handicap -¼) with odds of 2.00, and the final score is a draw.
Liverpool (Asian handicap -½) with odds of 2.10, and the final score is 3-0.
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