AirCompare™ app for iOS

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AirCompare reduces home energy consumption and saves you money using two smart tools, a ventilation controller and a thermostat controller.

Both smart controllers can be used “manually” without any smart equipment. They give you advice on how to best adjust your ventilation and thermostat for comfort and energy savings. AirCompare™ can additionally control your HomeKit-enabled switches, outlets, windows, fans and thermostats.

The AirCompare™ ventilation controller calculates the energy content of your home’s interior air and compares it to the outdoor air. If you can get free heating or cooling by just opening your windows, AirCompare™ will make it happen!

The AirCompare™ thermostat controller uses your preferences, combined with an analysis of current conditions, to optimize the setting of your thermostat. AirCompare™ uses current electricity rates (where available) and your local weather forecast, along with your preferences, to calculate the ideal setting. The optimum setting balances your comfort against the realtime cost (where available) of heating or cooling.

For example you might choose to tolerate a higher summer temperature when electricity rates are peaking, and enjoy a cooler temperature when electricity is less expensive late at night. AirCompare™ simplifies your life by considering all the latest data and making these complex decisions for you.